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FoleyFamily’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jan 2012

Location: Cuba

MapLeft at 8am and headed west with a little wind. The day heated up very quickly and the first 25kms went pretty good. Then it got hotter and hotter and the wind was in our face for a while and finally with about 15kms left, it was mostly downhill into the city and the wind mainly at our back. Everyone did FANTASTIC !!! 60 kms by the time we got to our casa. When we arrived we unloaded everything and she took me to the rooms and informed me that one was still occupied and we could either take one there and one somewhere else or another friend who had two rooms. So we chose the latter and loaded up everything again and headed down the street to another casa. Was fine and probably a little nicer than the original one. Will stay one night here and then head out on the bus to Playa Larga tomorrow at 9:50am. Should be some good snorkelling there! Have everything else booked between here and Varadero so hope all works out well. Not sure when we might have internet again so don't worry if you don't here.