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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Apr 2005

Location: Singapore

MapHi everyone! We survived the plane trip and have made up for being couped up for 8 hours.

Singapore is beautiful, hot, clean, friendly, hot, very organised and did I say hot ? We were mesmerized by the mass of shops all within a couple of blocks - we're talking several massive shopping malls all within metres of each other. We then realised it was because they're all air conditioned and so people prefer to stay indoors.

Went to changi prison museum which was a very moving experience with relics, photos and the local people's as well as the P.O.W's accounts of what it was like during the Japanese invasion from 1942-1945. This has been the highlight so far (probably because our budget will not allow us to go on a huge shopping spree).

We have mastered the trains and buses which are very well organised and extremelly clean - a lot better than any in Oz. So we've seen a fair bit of the island as well as eaten at the local food halls (no westereners in sight??). Our favourite dish is the spicy Laksa (for approx. $2.70-bargain!!) - actually, we are such regular customers that the shop attendant walked us two blocks to take us here (I'll have to give her some vegemite tomorrow as a thankyou - do you think she'll realise our appreciation???).

Having a great time and only day 2!!! Off to the Zoo tomorrow, next stop, Istanbul-Turkey.