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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Apr 2005

Location: Singapore

MapLast night we topped the night off with a free waterfront concert by a band called "Flamenco Fusion". This was a group of ten people from all corners of the globe playing Latin American style music.................Absolutely Brilliant!!
Today was Tanya's birthday so we wanted a nice day together. We went to Singapore Zoo which is amazing. It is a huge enclosure of lush green jungle with lots of interacting with the animals and patrons. After 2 hours walking through the zoo the sky's decided to open up with yet another downpour absolutely drenching us both. We decided to go out for a special birthday dinner at a waterfront resturant (as opposed to the foodhalls we have become accostomed to) and chowed down on crunchy squid, prawn noodles and a jug of Tiger Beer ($20 per jug!!).........all very delicious.
We are now sitting in the airport at 3.00AM killing time before our flight to Istanbul. For us the highlights of Singapore have been the Changi POW stuff, the zoo and the waterfront walks and gardens.