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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Apr 2005

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapWent to the Grand Bazzar the other day and shopped til we dropped. If we get another person asking us if we want to buy Sex (while shoving a pair of sox in our faces) I think I'll explode!! The Grand Bazzar is a huge indoor labyrinth of stalls and bargaining is expected. The Aussies have earned a reputation of being tight and we were no exception - got some awesome bargains though. I am now the proud owner of a Lambskin knee length leather jacket - it took all day to talk him down from $380 to $100.

Went to the Aya Sofia Museum yesterday which was amazing but a little disappointing for the entry fee of $15 each. The guilded mosaics on the ceiling were amazing but it is essentially the building itself which IS the contents of the museum. Good, don't get me wrong, but not worth $15.

Had a jam last night at Aussie Central (our knickname for this street). We figured that since we haven't been getting any sleep, we may as well join the party - if you can't beet them, join them. Made some good contacts, tried to outsing the loud music all night and have become honarary Kiwis.

Thanks for all the messages, we feel loved and missed - keep them coming (Poor Matt doen't feel missed-didums!!)