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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Apr 2005

Location: Goreme, Turkey

MapYesterday we were walking through the ancient ruins of the city of Ephesus (the capital city of Asia minor). There were absolutely massive ampitheatres, council chambers, dwellings, market places, public toilets and baths, a massive library which was in the best condition and even a brothel. Aparently there are even underground tunnels from the library to the brothel - mmm...their way of encouraging men to read?

The down side to this were the massive numbers of tour groups. We were trying to do the poor aussie backpacker thing and hang about and listen in, then head to the next group, but most of them were German and French!!

After an overnight bus, we are in Cappadocia in a little town called Goreme. It is breathtakingly beautiful here!! (Sorry no photos for a few days). There are houses carved into the side of hills - caves and underground cities - we are going on a tour tomorrow, yes, one we have actually paid for!

We went exploring in abondoned caves outside the town, it's been raining here so we got really muddy, but had heaps of fun!

Keep a check for the photos of this amazing place.