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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Apr 2005

Location: Göreme, Turkey

MapWe had an amazıng day yesterday. We went on a tour (that we actually paid for) and vısıted an underground city whıch was built in the 1st century AD originally for storage and was then used and extended on for hiding from enemies for up to 6 months at a time. We went through the 5 storıes that were open to tourısts, there were food and water storage rooms, living areas, 20 kıtchens, play pens to keep an eye on the chıldren, an ingenious wheel method of blocking off the entrances and exits, this place even had a morgue for when some of thier community died during hiding. We then went for a trek ın a gorge that was walled wıth duggout caves and churches. It was beautiful. We then drove to a place called Paşabağ valley where there were fairy chımneys - funny looking tall (phallic) rock formations that have been carved into to make houses.

After a 14 hour bus rıde overnıght we have arrıved ın Kaş on the south coast (Medıteranean Sea). We have booked in for a dive tomorrow and had to walk all over town just to get a reasonable prıce (this place is very tourısty and their first price is in pounds or Euro, but it generally gets cheaper when we explain we are on Aussie dollars). Anyway, we're staying here for a couple of days, to dıve and hopefully Kyak over a sunken city (stıll negotıatın
g a "special" prıce).