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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 May 2005

Location: Rhodes & Crete, Greece

MapWell it's time for a sook...a health update:

Matt:- Suffered pretty severe hayfever throughout Southern Turkey (sneezing around 3 times every minute). When we finally found a pharmacy that could speek a little english we were able to get something that resembled Claratine. It then developed into a head cold which means he has been unable to dive since Kas. His back is ok.

Tanya:- Ate my first dodgy meal and spent the whole night spewing my guts up. This leg of our journey may be vegetarian and as a precaution I wont be drinking anymore 55c cans of beer.

Also had our first bout of bad luck. We caught the ferry the Rhodes, getting in at 6pm and discovered the next ferry goes at 4:30am the next morning or not for 4 days (which we couldn't afford), so we hiked all over the old city in Rhodes trying to see as much as possible then wasted a day travelling on a huge boat to Crete. Rhodes was really interesting with the tiny little cobbled streets, but very touristy.

Got to Crete, had a bad night as explained above, and went to the ruins of the Palace of King Minoa at Knossos. My Maths background has enables me to vaguely deciphere some words using the Greek alphabet - so there kids!! Maths is not only good for solving world problems and creating great things, checking you're not getting ripped off by converting currencies and the list goes on!

We're not actually that impressed with Crete. It's very touristy and not a great deal to see - although we have been spoiled by starting in Turkey which has ruins on every corner and bursting with a cultural feel that is so different to what we are used to. The Sea however is beautifully crystal clear and blue.

The main differences we have noted are as follows:
* It is cheaper to buy hard liquor than two apples.
* the fashion seems to be very high waisted jeans and the hugest camel-toes we have ever seen. It's hard to stop ourselves staring at womens crutches!!
* Everyone smokes cigarettes over here (and in Turkey)!! I have even seen little kids buying cigarettes (which are cheaper than water) and lighting up.
* Their buses don't seem to stop at regular bus stops - they stop in the middle of a highway if flagged down, so a 10km bus ride could take an hour!

Anyway, we're off to Santorini tonight - the picture-postcard place where the buildings are all blue and white. We're hoping to dive and just chill out.