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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Location: Athens and Santorini, Greece

MapSantorini was a beautiful island if you knew where to stay. We didn't. Actually, Matt had his first European driving experience and the whole thing was harrowing!! For both of us. Upside: Beautiful blue and white houses overlooking the Aegean Sea, Downside: Youth Hostel Anna on Parissa beach was dodgy and the guy that ran it was dishonest and a psycho.

After having a bad run on the islands, we've arrived in Athens and were relieved to meet friendly people and a city with so much culture!! What a beautiful place! There are ruins everywhere and we didn't realise the Acropolis was such a huge rock/hill. It's more like a mountain.

We trekked all over the Acropolis and as there weren't many info boards we didn't really know what we were looking at until we got back and read up about the place in some detail (now that we had actually seen it). We did the touristy thing and was on the gates at opening time so that we could beat the tourist buses. It worked!!

We are amazed with the "eating-out" culture here - there would be thousands of resturants with chairs and tables on the footpaths and they fill up from 2:30pm with locals all under the age of 35. And the food is great! Actually, Tanya has been obsessed with the strawberries, at about $1.70 a kilo, we've been eating a kilo a day which isn't a good thing when you can't flush toilet paper.

Good to hear from everyone back home. Keep the messages coming.