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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 May 2005

Location: London, UK

MapWe have arrived in London and have been greeted by the most amazing hospitality we have experienced in months!! We've had our first home cooked meal in a month, have been sleeping in clean beds and washing in clean bathrooms (I'm not going to miss literally showering in a toilet!) and the place we are staying is almost in the heart of London!

We've mastered the Tube and the bus system, it's actually quite organised and reasonably user friendly. It helps that Cecilia & Carlos have explained just about everything and the people at the info desks etc. speak english over here !

We've looked at a few vans which have all been off locals and not entirely kitted out. We're a little too late for the tourists/Australians trying to flog off their vans. We have to make a decision between a toilet and a shower - otherwise everything is the same. We'll keep you posted.

The road trip starts tomorrow!! We're actually sad to be leaving the nice warm Bode household, but we're coming back to look at London properly in September.

..."Holiday roooaaaoooooaaaad, Holiday roooaaaoood"