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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Location: Wales, UK

MapVisited Shakespeare counrty - Strattford-Upon-Avon, which was nice to walk around but didn't particularly interest us so we moved on. Stayed at a gorgeous camp ground with bunnies and squirrells running around everywhere, only to find it didn't have a toilet or shower - luckily we bought a van with a toilet!!

Stopped in a little town called Shrewsbury which was really quaint and interesting looking at all the Tudor style (Magpie) buildings on our self-guided walking tour. It was also the birth place of Charles Darwin and a religious town with many churches, so he was a bit of an outcast in his own town.

Headed into Northern wales which was a gorgeous drive but have since discovered the north coast is UGLY!! we drove around in circles trying to find a camp-ground so we've had a good look at it.

The camp ground we stayed at in Northern Wales (in the Snowdonia National Park) had a brood (?), flock (?) of hens that came over for a pat (I think they were actaully after some bread) and we were greeted by the farmer and his border collie so it felt like something out of Babe. we were overlooking two streams and lambs in the lush green pastures (Shakespeare was hanging out in the wrong place!!).

Visited Caernarfon Castle which was magnificent and Tanya's very first castle experience (she has since navigated us in circles trying to find more!!). It is the best preserved medieval castle in Britain, and still used for royal ceremonies. There were pictures of an 18 year old Charlie being crowned Prince of Wales. We walked up and down hundreds of steps to look at the top of every spire.

Ate our first meat dish in days, our fridge, our heater and all our gas cooking (and the toilet) all work really well. Biggles may be ugly but he goes and everything is working well so we are relatively comfortable and eating well! Might try eating a few less jam donuts though!