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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 May 2005

Location: Peak District, UK

MapIn the Peak District which is just a fancy (shortened) name for lots-hills-and-freaky-fit-walker-- people-who-wear-socks-over-their-- jeans-and-carry-ski-poles district.

Caught up with Cath (Matts sister) & Jules in a little town called Edale. Awsome place, beautiful and green, lots of scenery and little villages everywhere. Today Cath took us to a village that was devastated by the Plague (1665-1666) and had made the decision to quarantine itself from the rest of the country and therefore save the entire district. Very noble and it was very moving reading up on everyones story.

Had a few ales in our first English pub. Other than the temperature of the beer (being not very cold, the way we like it...), it was actually nice.

Thankgod for public libraries, the internet is free, actually, Matt borrowed/bought his first book in a very long time. Must have been the beer.

Having a ball!!