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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 May 2005

Location: UK

MapIt's been a really busy week!! We drove through and had a look at the Bronte Parsonage which we were more keen about trying to find the sisters tombs which were under the church somewhere and get some inspiration into why the sisters, the brother and the parsons wife all died in a close time proximity?? Sounds like a conspiracy!

Stayed in a place called Hawes which was great!! Went to a cheese factory where our taste-test doubled up as lunch, we were just making sure we liked them and had to taste-test them all a few times! After nearly making ourselves sick on cheese (we did actually buy some aswell), we went to the Lakes District which rained the entire time we were there!! Went to a brewery which was interesting and of course had to taste-test the finished product, which again doubled up as lunch. We're very good at taste-testing! Also went to a pencil factory/museum which was actually interesting and a puzzle museum which Tanya had to be dragged away from so we didn't get booked for overparking...not a clever move when we are unregistered!! (Damn trailer-folk, gypsie, hippie trash).

Went to check out a 1900 year old wall and Roman forts, built to keep the wild and woolie Scots out, then we went to hang out with them. Stopped off at Carlisle Castle on the way and Lanercost Priory where some Knights templar's tomb stones are kept (that was exiting for the "DaVinci Code" fans).

Staying in Moffat with a friend and you'll all be pleased to know that we are finally in clean clothes and underwear...June insited that we wash our clothes when we walked in the door (??).

Had a wee drink at our first Scottish pub with June (and opted for the warm beer?!?). Heading up North soon, good to hear from you all.