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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 May 2005

Location: Scotland, UK

MapHiya frorm bornnie Scortland, we're harvin a wee ripper orf a tyme!!

This is my best Scottish accent, but learning lots of new groovy last night we had a good 'blether' and then after dinner we put on some 80's music and had a bit of a 'shuggle'.

June's been keeping us well pickled - although we're starting to think this is her excuse for a 'G&T' (Gin & Tonic - we're really making an effort to learn Scottish) each night. Actually, thankfully June's explained a few things to us...

We were getting strange looks from our fellow vannies when we told them that we wear our thongs in the shower so we don't get tinea - you can't be to careful... well June explained that a thong is sexy underwear (they call thongs 'flip-flops' or something) so I guess they think Australians have an epidemic of tinea where the sun doesn't shine!!?! and that aussie blokes wear thongs...I mean, sexy underwear. If only they knew...and of course, because we were unable to wash clothes until we got to June's place, we've been sharing undies (ok, that's not entirely true...Matt's underwear stockpile had mysteriously been going missing which he now blames on the gypsies because of that small cultural misunderstanding with blokes underwear - I guess they just wanted to see for themselves...). Notice how I use the word 'bloke' to compensate for Matt showering in a thong. Of course Australian men are man enough to do things like that!

Really enjoying showering in the Taj Mahal of bathrooms, having a nice smelling towel to dry ourselves with and wearing clean clothes. Hope you're all coping well with Tinea in these cold months back home.