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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Jun 2005

Location: Highlands, Scotland

MapHiya, still from bornnie Scortland. 'Bin loo'kn 'et heilan coos (check the photos). Actually we had a look for Nessie and after a bit of a heart murmer (we mistook a boat for a hump) we continued on to see Urquhart castle.

Went over to the Isle of Skye and had a few beers with the locals...who ended up hustling us and kicked our butts at pool.

The weather has been a bit of an issue, whenever we ask someone what they think the weather is doing, they respond "a dinny ken" and of course being Aussies, we know exactly what a dunny can means the weather is crap. We have since learned that this means "I don't know". They talk funny (but they say it is WE who talk funny!!). We have had 3 nice days out of 12.

Heading up north and have found some more free internet, so stay tuned!