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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Jun 2005

Location: North East Scotland, Scotland

MapDecided to go way up north, and what a rugged place! Rocky hills, beautiful white sands and bloody midgies!! (the local equivalent to moquitoes, but smaller and travel in swarms).

Went out for dinner - our first UK dinner outing (not counting 3 plates of vinegar with some chips with Cath & Julie or lunch with June). We ordered...wait for it...Haggis and it came out in the "bag" (otherwise known as a sheep's stomach) and it was beautiful. We also got some seafood as we were in Ullapool, which is famous for it's seafood. Actually we saw a seal swimming along the waters edge!!

Went to a nuclear power plant exhibition. It was in operation for 50 years since the 50's, and will take another 50 years to decommission and pull the place down! Very interesting - haven't found any two-headed cows yet, but the one I'm travelling with is starting to look a bit wild and wooly (and smells a bit).

Heading south eventually to meet up with Dave Oldridge...his stint at TCS turned him off teaching??? We still love it but happy not to be there (HI everyone at school...missing us???).

Keep up the messages (we're going for the top 5 visited sites), we're currently in search of somewhere to put more photos on.