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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Jun 2005

Location: North east, Scotland

MapWent and checked out where the queen mum used to hang out...she wasn't there for some reason?? We're a bit over castles as we've been through just about every ruined castle and walked through lived-in ones all over Scotland. However, went to Dunrobin Castle which had a falconry and pet owls etc which was very cool. Before we could complain about keeping birds in captivity, there were explaination boards about how they are flown and looked after and they're not in cages!

Wen't to a Broch, which was a 2000 year old round-walled hide-out for farmers against fewding enemies. Also checked out a long-cairn (5000 year old burial chamber). All very interesting, but getting a bit sick of the cold and rain. Maybe summer needs a warm up month here? Keen to ditch the scarves and jumpers!!