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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jun 2005

Location: Eastern & Central Scotland, UK

MapWell Robyn, you would be proud...we slept in a haunted castle, A REAL CASTLE!! Drove up the gorgeous driveway, walked down the foyer which has white marble statues and creepy paintings of dead people, got to our castle-quality room...and there were two bunks beds (did I forget to mention it has been converted into a youth hostel?? I guess we were hoping for a 4-poster bed!) And even though there were TWO bunk beds, Tanya refused to sleep alone as she was scared of the 4 resident ghosts, so we crammed into the bottom single bunk...and she was scared to go to the tolet alone, so I stood at the door at 2am while she peed...and she was scared to go past a certain creepy house-sized portrait , but that was creepy. No ghost sigtings after all that!

Went to a scottish pub where we got up for a few Australian numbers, it was fun with everone jamming along, some guys even got thier bagpipes out!!

Have finally done the whisky tour and got several taste-tests along the distillation process (not recommended when it is colourless!!!).

We're at The Donaldson's (Grandma's reles) at the moment and we're being fed...and fed...and fed...we are definately not going hungry, even though we have already put on weight!!! We're having a great time with them and Tanya is kicking their butts at Rummicub (she did kind of hustle them and pretend she couldn't remember how to play!!)