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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Jun 2005

Location: Edinburgh-Scotland, UK

MapWhat a beautiful city!! There are huge old buidings everywhere, not to mention the castle in the middle of town. Of course we were interested in the grizzly history of the town such as the emptying of the Loch (Lake) in front of the castle where they wanted to turn it into a park (and did), finding hundreds of female skeletons from the 1600's where they were thrown into the water with lead weights to see if they were witches (and of course if they sunk and died, they were innocent after all !). Also the grave robbers who turned into murderers to supply fresh corpses for the medical school who payed good money for bodies to practise surgery on. And all the torture that went on!!

We have been really touched by one of the scottish national heros being a dog! Little Greyfriars Bobby didn't leave his masters grave for 14 years until he died himself !! And another national hero being a rebel !(William Wallace). We have been able to relate to the Scots (after all, we have a few bushrangers as national heros!!).

Had a good time with Maud and Hobbs (her puppy) who showed us Royal Brittania (the boat) and stayed with, and caught up with Chris & Lindsay who took us on a 'hell' walk up to Arthur's seat and Jonathan who took us to a pub!

Loved Edinburgh and can't wait to go back!