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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Jun 2005

Location: Scotland to England, UK

MapOur last few days in Scotland began as any other in Scotland.............raining!!
We trudged the streets of Edinburgh in the pooring rain, touring the castle and the Scottish Museum which (surprisingly) was excellent. Hit the road back to Junes in Moffat to dry out, and what do you know the rain finally stopped. After taking a couple of days to dry out we went on a cross country journey across to Langholm (where Matt and family lived in the '70s) Gorgeous little town with the river Esk through the centre and church steeples and parks all around. As Margaret (our gracious host in Langholm) wasn't in we went on a tour of towns surrounding Langholm. Hawick is a beautiful town (and also the largest of the border towns) where we found some markets. Tanya found a maths text book which interested her (She certainly knows how to have a good time!!) Then went to Jedburgh on our way back to Langholm. Matt still hasn't been able to find a guitar to keep himself occupied, but now that Tanya has a Maths textbook she has lots of homework to do!!
Have now left Scotland (and the rain) and are wearing T-shirts in sunny England. In the picturesque city of Durham to catch up with Tanya's friend Dave.