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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2005

Location: Durham - England, UK

MapWe went to Hogwarts!!!

Visiting Dave in Durham who was an excellent host - he gave up his bed AND put new sheets on, he cooked us spag. bol., took us for a walking tour (and generally relived his university graduation and first-year experience) and he even cleaned out the toilet bowl (thank christ, that was nasty!).

We went to the Cathedral (which is where they filmed some of Harry Potter and used the general shape for Hogwarts...stay tuned for photos), went to the Castle (which we were supposed to pay to get in and it was supposed to be closed, but Dave walked in like he lived there and we followed). It had a 1000 yr old chapel only unearthed 50 yrs ago was very warm and quite spooky.Dave even took us to Newcastle which is very similar to Darling harbour and even has the prototype Sydney Harbour bridge, just on a smaller scale. Dave even dragged us into Walkabout (the aussie pub chain over here) with me wearing my Aussie flag t-shirt and him wearing his Bundy Rum T-shirt, but to be fair, we also went to the local pub and drank "Newky Brown" (Newcastle Brown Ale), the local drink.

Have had a great time in Durham, which was good timing as Dave is moving to London in August to do a law degree.

We've decided to try for tickets to Wimbeldon in the next 4 days, so look out for us in the crowd...hopefully centre court- Hewitt vs Henmann or Alicia Molik vs anyone! Off to York where some grand old Duke lives with lots of men.