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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jul 2005

Location: Paris, France

MapG'day from gay Parry (in my broadest Aussie accent). WE ATE FROGS LEGS AND SNAILS....YUMMY!! (see photo page)

The key boards are arranged differently so this will be a short one...

Climbed all the stairs of the Eiffel Tower (all 687 of them) and when we got to the top, it was raining and we couldn't see a thing- oh well.

Went to Notre-Dame but could hardly make out the gargoyles but did get to hear the bells! Beautiful. Couldn't find any freaky hunchbacks though??

Did the sightseeing bus which we wasted sooooo much time on that we have ditched it for the crowded underground train. Matt has been on a pilgrimage to see the graves of dead rockers while I visit the churches in the book by Dan Brown.

Went to the Louvre and payed approx. $11 for a few seconds glimpse at The Mona Lisa but you have to do these things.

Went to the red light district tonight (it also happens to be where the Moulin Rouge is but we couldn't afford the $200 price tag on a one night ticket!!). We just took photos of the outside.

Beautiful city but huge traffic problems!! We near had a divorce driving into the centre (accidently), but it's all Ok, Paris is the city of love after all - so we kissed and made up!

On the way to Paris we stopped in at Bolougne to see Matts Great Uncles war grave (he was an Officer Pilot, shot down in WWII)

Next stop - Luxemburg. Happy birthday Caitie-Pie and furry kisses from Uncle Matt.