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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jul 2005

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

MapThe shine is wearing off! We had to pull into a rest stop off the motorway as we had no Swiss franks and the police came knocking on our door at 4am. We couldn't understand each other so our poor-Aussie-tourist-sob-story was wasted on them, but we weren't moved on.

Tanya was pick-pocketed, but they only got her diary (which has been a real pain in the bum).

Germany was a nightmare to drive in, they tell you once to go in a certain direction, and when the road divides, there is no more information??!! We were happy to get out, hence the big drive to Switzerland.

Went to the Lindt Chocolate factory for the tour and free sample bag and they did neither!! Even after we put on the "we've come all this way" sob story?? We did, however, stock up on factory seconds chocolate.

Biggles' gearstick is playing up which is causing a lot of driving tension as Matt is having trouble getting him into first gear. AND, it's raining again....but we're not at work and we're eating Swiss chocolate, so life isn't too bad!