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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

MapWell we just caught a train into the Swiss Alps, drank a beer, ate a homemade sandwich, played backgammon, watched the clouds roll in and came back down again. What a beautiful place Switzerland is...but damn is it expensive here!! 1kg of Chuck steak = $58, Prawns were $80/kg, about the only thing not expensive (compared to the rest of Europe) is petrol (although still $1.60/litre) and chocolate. Guess what we've been eating alot of??...chocolate breakfast, chocolate lunch and chocolate dinner and then some for after dinner with our red wine!

A question for you, with a small souvenir for the first person (non maths teacher) with the answer:
Our ferry from Dover (England) to Boulongne (France) left at 11:15am and arrived at 1:05pm local time. On the way back, It leaves at 10:30am and arrives at 10:20am local time!! It takes the same amount of time to go over as it does to come back so how long does the ferry ride take? Post your answers on the site with a short explanation. We'll have more quizzes to come - but not only Maths.