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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jul 2005

Location: Milan, Italy

MapBonjourno (did I spell that right Selly??) from Italia.

Sadly left picturesque Switzerland and made it to the hustle and bustle of Italy.

Had a great time in Switzerland, caught a series of cable-cars and gondolas up to get the best view of The Matterhorn and when we got there, people were skiing!! Damn it!! If we'd have known we would have got hold of a pair of skiis and boots and had a few hours on the slopes (as we'd already had the lift tickets). Oh well. It was nice eating our apples and banana sambos on the top of the world.

Up the top we could see a doorway into a cylindrical bunker which was a huge tunnel deep into a glacier!! It was awesome with rooms at the end that housed heaps of ice sculptures. It was just beautiful and free!! What a bonus! (see picures)

Lined up to see The Last Supper in Milan which ended up having a one week waiting list (by appointment only), so we missed it! Our next quiz question is; Who painted The Last Supper and where did he come from?? (A tacky souvenir to the first with the correct answer, sorry, no Art teachers for this one)