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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Jul 2005

Location: Pisa, Vinci & Florence, Italy

MapWow, what a full on day we had yesterday!! Headed into Pisa to look at the leaning tower. The tower is definately on a huge lean (so we did the tourist thing and posed as though we were holding it up). The surrounding buildings are probably even more gorgeous but no-one comes to see them.

Then it was on to Vinci, the home of Leonardo. It's a gorgeous little town in Tuscony surrounded by olive groves. The castle in the town has been turned into a museum of Leonardo featuring his sketches and working models of his inventions...................real- ly cool!!

We then tackled every goat track possible to get us to Florence. It was a nightmare to drive in, with nothing signposted and we were stuck in peak hour traffic. Neadless to say that by the time we eventually found a campground we were quite frazzled.

Today and the next couple of days we will just be veging around Florence. It's a gorgeous city but far too may tourists for Matts liking!! Shopping is really cheap, as is eating out, but to see any of the tourist stuff is fairly pricy. $12 to see Michelangello's David, $6 to walk up the dome of the Duomo Cathedral etc.

A quiz question for the musos (and yes there's a tacky souvenir at stake): Which Italian composer wrote the opera AIDA?