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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jul 2005

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia


We have been treated to good scenery, good food, culture and good company!!

In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, staying with Tamara (who came over to South Grafton High with her son Mitja 2 years ago on exchange). Where do I start!!!
We have:
* Been for a walking tour of Ljubljana
* Walked through a beautiful gorge (Vintgar Gorge)
* Walked to two lakes to see the most beautiful clear water
* Walked up to a waterfall (Savica falls) and saw the view over the valley and lake
* Went to an open-air cinema in a castle at night and watched a Russian movie with Slovene subtitles, and yes, we actually understood what was going on!!
*Eaten heaps of the local cuisine, including raw minced meat!! (Tamara is an excellent cook and has been making sure we taste all the local food, wine, schnapps and beer)
* Went to an open-air photography exhibition in the park at night...and none of the pieces were vandalised!!
* Had an icecream while listening to free music throughout the city at night (last night was a string quartet and Latin intrumentalists and a Jazz band on the way to the photography exhibition)
----- Life's tough!!

Today we are off to a cave and the sea-side. we'll keep you posted.

by the way, out last quiz question still remains unanswered, but it's time for a new one, so there are now two opportunities for a souvenir....

Which movie does Indiana Jones find himself in Venice??