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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Aug 2005

Location: Dubrovnic, Croatia

MapWhat an amazing place! Had a dive along the coast in a few caves and hope to dive on some wrecks on the way back up.

Again, beautiful clear water, but no fish and full of cigarette butts and general rubbish in some places!?! It makes us sooooo annoyed.

Drove down to Dubrovnic, pulled into a great campground 8km south of the city - fairly cheap and 300m from the beach. Went for a walk down to the beach and ALL the buldings have been peppered with gun fire, not just pot-shots, we're talking spray-lines of machine gun fire. They're all boarded up and abandoned. Went for a walk a bit further around the headland to a secluded cove to find 4 MASSIVE resorts all abandoned and destroyed by machine gun fire (we'll have photos when we get a chance). We explored all the rooms, some still even have beds in them and one kitchen had unopened food and beer in it. These were luxury resorts with marble floors, chandeliers, huge lobbys, all abandoned, boarded up and burnt out where they have also been fire-bombed. It was really moving. We were actually the only people around for the several hours we spent exploring, it was a really creepy feeling!

Walking through the old city of Dubrovnic at the moment which is surrounded by walls and relatively intact despite the war 14 years ago (and despite the destruction 8km down the road!).

Off to Hungry next, after (hopefully) a dive on a submarine, although the weather has turned bad. Awesome place Croatia, but alot more expensive than we expected!