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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Aug 2005

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapWell it's been two countries since the last entry, Slovakia where we stopped at the worlds dodgiest campground and now Austria which is far more civilised but more expensive.

Bratislava: The capital of Slovakia, was ok, but disappointing. The campground (the only one) had gas-chamber showers, toilets that don't lock and people had even stood on the seats and missed - not the seat, the bowl! (no need for modesty). The city was ok, not many tourists which was nice but not a huge amount to see. Just ok in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Vienna on the other hand, was very tourist friendly and generally a beautiful city.

We visited the palace, the parks, a weird house, graves of dead musos, but couldn't afford tickets to the opera. We did, however, have a Vienna Schnitzel which was HUGE! What we were most impressed with , were the buskers !! We had string trios, a 10 year old on squeeze box with a sleezy wink, organ grinders, puppetiers, street mimes, soloists and the list goes on!!! Matt was in his element.

Off to Salzberg next. Well done to the (Newcastle) Simmons family who have now secured two tacky souvenirs. Our next question is;

Which musical was set in Salzberg, and who was it written by ? You need to answer both parts of the question!