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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Aug 2005

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapWell weren't our first impressions wrong!!

we drove into the Czech Republic to find massive casinos and brothels and strip clubs over the German border, even in the middle of fields, there would be a "night club" (with red lights), so we initially thought Czech republic was really sleezy and it didn't help that we got into Prague at midnight!!

Went into Prague after sorting out a few more days accommodation (found a great, cheap hotel which was a huge stroke of luck), and wow! What a beautiful city! Gorgeous buildings and everything ,EXCEPT accommodation, is SSOOOOO cheap! So our cost of living will be low, but our accommodation budget is higher than normal without Biggles.

Went into a fountain show, expecting to see fountains perform to music....WRONG!!!!

It cost us about $8 and we got a full on Ballett performance with a lights, water and music extravaganza and fireworks at the end !! It was amazing!! We saw excerpts from Carmen, Swan Lake and a few modern interpretations like Titanic. Awesome!!

Off to take ourselves on an official walking tour of the old city.