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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Aug 2005

Location: Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

MapDamn I wish we could speak Czech!!

Cought the train out to Kutna Hora today with intentions of spending the day looking around the old silver mining town. Was told we would have to change trains at Kolin to get there. Stopped at a very small station for 2 seconds and we saw a sign outside saying Kolin (we thought it would be a bigger place, but got off anyway).

The bigger sign that said some other stop was bent around, the sign to Kolin actually said; Kolin, this direction. So we were stuck for an hour on a train platform that didn't even come with a town, just some tumbleweed rolling down the track (ok, maybe not the tumbleweed). Then had to wait two hours for the conncecting train.

Because we had wasted so much time, we weren't able to see the town, just the church....and what an interesting church it was!! There were human bone sculptures/decorations inside from an estimated 40000 people!! It was really interesting, make sure you check the pics.

Off to Berlin next. Our next crappy souvenir trivia question is:

What was the name given to the checkpoint on the wall that divided east from west in Berlin??

Also, don't forget our biggles mileage comp.

Oh, and one more thing, we have decided to try for the top 5 sites visited for the month, but we need 14 visits per day from 14 different computers, so make sure you try to look at our site once a day in the next month!!