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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Aug 2005

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapWe did the most fantastic walking tour yesterday. It of course covered all the historical monuments and buildings from the 1700s through the war years and post war years, including a small stretch of the Berlin wall that is left, Checkpoint Charlie, The Jewish Memorial ground, The Brandonberg Gate, Parliment and the site of Hitlers bunker where he killed himself (there's now a gay bar and Jewish school playground on top! HA HA )

Berlin is a wonderful city, heaps to see and heaps to do and we had a history university student show us around for free so we now know where to eat, drink and use free toilets and internet (which we have done all!!).

Next question: (this ones a hard one!)

Who designed the Jewish Memorial grounds?? (Good luck!!)

Hopefully Biggles will be fixed soon, and the van-of-love will be rockin' once more!!