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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Sep 2005

Location: Brugge, Belgium

MapOur advice: bypass Brussels and head straight for Brugge!!

What a beautiful city, but also packed with tourists. Plenty to see - like a supposed vial of Christs blood, which is not looking very healthy, and plenty to do like climb 366 spiral steps to be deafened at the top by over 40 Carillon bells.

We have eaten out at a resturant (yes a real resturant!!) each day - 3 courses for only $12 (and awesome steak at that!!), sampled the local beer, waffles and chocolate. We also did the boat canal cruise on our 5th Anniversary...aaaawwww!!!!

No one has answered our last trivia question yet, and don't forget the "Biggles Mileage" comp. We will not post your response on the site until he is sold (if you are concerned about that!).

Ignore the Biggles photo page to be on soon, it's for potential buyers. Keep up the messages!