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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2005

Location: Brighton, UK

MapWell we made it back to England, the land of rain, free & clean toilets and where everything is 4 times more expensive than everywhere else!!

Brighton is interesting, pebbly beaches and two piers: one with amusement rides on it (of which Matt conned me into going on - I ended up feeling like spewing and Matt spent the evening rubbing his lower back...ooops! Us poor oldies!!) and the other pier is in the sea!! It was apparently burned down..twice in the same day, last year. But this apparently is a good thing because it was very deteriorated and very dangerous???

Anyway, did the fish & chips thing, wandered along the sea side and went back to the camp ground picking wild blackberries from the park opposite. Aaah, clean showers and toilets...oh how I've missed thee!!