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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Sep 2005

Location: Bath, UK

MapMade it to Bath after a quick visit to Stonehenge. Nice place, and all the bus loads of tourists think so aswell!! (Ok, so we didn't arrive in a bus, but we were also tourists).

Got to Suzanne's place and went out to the pub, one of the hundreds in this city...they have their priorities in order!! It's been lovely to talk to normal people and be greeted by such awesome hospitality!! Matts caught up on the central coast goss, and Toby (Suzanne's fiance) has bagged us out about the cricket. Oh well, let them have their moment!!

Gorgeous place, will have a look today dispite the rain...isn't that just normal around here?? Then off to crash some guys party tonight. They're French so we'll be taking some Aussie wine, as we know the French love our wine sooo much!!