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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Sep 2005

Location: Bath

MapWell Biggles is back from his check up at the docotrs and is purring like a kitten!

Went out with Suz and Toby last night, and were quite impressed that their friends were having a party on a school night (we figured so that people wouldn't stay long...good try)...actually, we party crashed their friends party which was quiet and civilised until us 4 (and Andy) turned up!! We were having a great time and then we were all siting around at whatever time it was and realised the only people left in the room were us 4 and the people who actually lived in the house - even Andy went home!! Oops!!

Have seen all the touristy things in bath which is a gorgeous city, even found out Governor Phillip is half buried inside and outside the door of the church as there is speculation over his death (ie suicide or murder).

Off to Bristol tomorrow then onto Gloucester to visit Lis (Tanya's house mate from uni days).