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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Sep 2005

Location: Gloucester, UK

MapWE'VE MADE IT!!! We are officially the No.2 most visited site for this month....Thanks guys!! That's made us feel very loved.

At Lisa's (Tanya's friend and ex-house mate from Uni days) in Gloucester and just about to head over to London (Tomorrow!!) to do our last bit of sight seeing. And the sun is out!! Which means our clothes can be washed!! Which means that we can stop turning our undies inside out for those few extra days wear!! Which means we don't smell like hippies anymore!! Yay!

Went to Avebury yesterday with Lisa for a picnic and to look at one of the biggest (in area) stone circles in the country. We hung with the hippies (who were laying with their eyes closed, pressed up against the huge stones?? Looked like fun, so we gave it a go...don't think it's done anything??) and then walked through a burial "barrow", which is a long chamber made of stone, covered to make it look like a hill. There's heaps of them in the paddocks around the stone circles.

Had a lovely day, it's also been nice to have a bit of detox after our visit with Suzanne (might take a while to get over)!

Cool...we made it into the top 5!!

Just about to drive Biggles back to London, so the "Biggles mileage comp" will be closing on Friday. Get your entries in soon.