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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Sep 2005

Location: London, UK

MapDidn't get a whole lot of sightseeing done today, because...Biggles has left us and gone to a good home - phew!! It was a tough interview process, but his new family have promised to look after him.

We did however, get a free cruise up the Thames (part of the bus sightseeing thing that we did pay for), which was very interesting and of course they knew we were on board and opened the drawbridge on the Tower Bridge (which is apparently rare). We also went to Harrods and bought something...ok, it was only a coke, but we got a bag!...ok, had to ask for it, but we got a bag!!

The London Tower, British Museum and the London Eye (which is just a massive ferris wheel) tomorrow.

Also got to catch up with a buddy from uni...Pete (hasn't changed a bit!!).

The Biggles mileage comp is finished tomorrow. Guesses need to be in by then!!