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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Sep 2005

Location: London, England

MapWe finally got to do all the touristy things but in the end only had less than three days in London which is not enough.

Checked out some fancy hats in the Tower of London, looked at dead people in The British Museum and had a romantic evening with Dave on the London Eye.

Had a great time in London, but sorry we missed the Portabello markets, the Jack the Ripper walking tour and The Maritme Museum at Grenich so I could look at John Harrisons Latitude clock. Next time.

Congratulations to Mark Ohlmus who won the Biggles Mileage comp. We ended up doing 9777 miles on Biggles. Still waiting for an answer to our last quiz question though!!

Next stop, Bahrain...then home!!!!