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Tanya & Matt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Oct 2005

Location: Home, Australia

MapWe're back!! We made it in one piece and boy are we glad to be home and off aeroplanes, and driving a nice car again, and eating veges, and being able to ring our friends and families whenever we want, and enjoying sunshine without the humidity (like in Bahrain)...and the list of things we have missed over the past 6 months goes on!

We had an awesome time and are planning the next one...probably a stopover in Thailand or Vietnam, then onto London (as we just didn't get to see enough in 3 days), Spain, Southern France and a white (or at least cold) christmas with our new overseas mum, June, in Scotland (hi June...oh yeah, was meaning to tell about this soon).

Thankyou all for tuning in to our Travels, we REALLY appreciated the contact from home it helped us get through 6 months without all the above creature comforts and you all made us feel loved and missed....aawwww.

We even made it into the Top 5 for a month...wahoo!! (it's the little things). As we are extremely flat broke, those who won tacky souvenirs may have to wait a few weeks before we can afford to send them.

Thanks again for your support, by the way, this web site is absolutely free and extremly easy and user friendly to set up, even if just tripping around Australia for a short holiday! So I highly recommend it, all you have to do is log onto and click on "sign up here", it will then guide you through the easy!! (and they're not even paying me to say this).

Anyway, it 2:30am...apparently a jet lag I might check my emails and try and get back to sleep.

Matt & Tanya signing off for the very last time!! WE'RE HOME, YAY!!