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Liz & Matt’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012

MapHello everyone
Another busy day in New York! We started with going to the Metropolitan Museum on 5th Street and spent the morning there. The exhibition of early American furniture was excellent and Matt enjoyed seeing it very much. We did a bit of shopping later as you see from the photos!! We went for a walk in Central Park and saw the dog walker! The advertise 'dog walking clubs' so your special pet can enjoy company. It is amazing to see so many dogs around - there are about 4 in the apartments in our block and you see people walking them every day.
I was very taken by the school buses with the sign on the back window. They were all empty waiting to pick up children from school!!
We are off to Boston tomorrow so will write from there. We get on the train at 11am and reach Boston at 6pm so I have my knitting ready and we are looking forward to seeing the countryside.
Love to everyone
PS Matt is in our room writing the diary on the ipad.