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Liz & Matt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2012

Location: USA

MapHello everyone,
Today is Saturday in Boston - the wind was freezing last night and again this morning so we went to Macy's and bought a couple of windcheaters and a new coat for me. There is no tax on clothing under $160 in the State of Massachusetts so it was a great price. I also bought some make up as it is half the price we would pay in Australia.
WE got a big fright at 12.30am last night when an evacuation call came through the system into our room. We shot out of bed and got dressed and were told to wait for a further call. We could see out our window the fire trucks arrive with sirens blaring!!! It turned out to a false alarm and there was no evacuation so we were very pleased.
Today we went to a very interesting housecalled the Gibson house. It was left as a museum by its elderly owner and is as it was in the 1920's. It is what they call a brownstone which means it has one window at the back and one at the front and it is only one room wide as it is part of a row. There were five stories and we saw the basement which had the kitchen and the laundry - would have hated to work in either! The dining room was on the ground floor and the sitting room and library were on the first floor. Up another flight of stairs to the two bedrooms and the others were up on the higher floors. People would have been very fit going up and down the stairs.
We are off to a beautiful seafood restaurant on the wharf tonight. We went there the other night and loved the food so are going back.
Tomorrow is our last day in Boston so we will write tomorrow afternoon.
love Liz and Matt