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Monday, 04 Apr 2005

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapHola Oz

Have arrived in Santiago and begun my spanish lessons. They might as well be speaking Japanese. The teacher only allows us to speak in spanish (which is really hard when you dont know a word), and we arent allowed to use our dictinarys. It makes you feel quite stuipid. I am hoping that i will be like Keano Reaves in the matrix and just be able to understaand it suddenly one day. Soon hopefully.

The family that Im staying with are really nice. I think that i have landed in the wealthy area of Santiago. They have a nice house with a pool (and pool house which is where im staying), two cars and a massive rotwheeler named ralph which took an instant disliking to me. I have to take skooby snacks with me every where i go so i can get passed him and back into the house. He has already had one go at me and that was when the family was around so this afternoon will be interesting.

The public transport is very interesting over here. This morning on my way to class i was hanging out the open door of an over crowded bus as it sped along the high way. Dont worry mum its not as bad as it may sound.

There is a massive mountain in the middle of Santiago. On the top there is a large statue of Mary (i think). They seem to be quite religous over here. On pay telly ther are about fifty channels and around twenty of them seem to be to do with religion. The view of the city with the snow topped mountains in the back ground is quite amazing. The smog is also quite amazing, you cant see very far in any direction because of it. I think that it is held in by the surrounding mountains.

Will put some pictures on when I have worked out how to ask the assistant at the shop to put them onto a disc. It may be a while.



PS if anyone has ferrets email could they please send it to me.