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dorns’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Apr 2005

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapHola oz,

Coming to you again from Santiga Chile, where the toilets are twice as big as normal but only half as useful. Apparently the toilets here are unable to handly the buisness and the cleanup, so you have to put the paper in a bin beside the toilet. This is an idea that is taking some getting used to.

Im living in the burbs so i have a 45 min bus ride every morning to get to the course. Im sure that if you want to get your bus licence then you have to tick a box sayingthat you will drive it like you stole it. I would hate to see how many clutches and brake pads that they would go through. Its quite scary some times. The other day the driver pulled across three lanes of fast moving traffic at a t intercection when the light was red. He just pulled out infront of speeding cars. There were brakes locking up every where as the cars tried not to run into the bus. He the stoped so that the bus was blocking the three cross lanes so that pepestrian could cross, the proceded with his rought.

On friday after class pish and i decided it was time for a beer. The pubs over here are not as easy to find as you may think. We walked for a while then saw a big beer sign outside an establishment. Thirsty as we were pish went charging in, the out just as quickly. It seems that there are more strip joints than pubs in this town. We finally found a pub and ended up having beers with a loud yank, a canadian and another aussie. We ended up spending the average chileans weeky wage on beer. This is only around $A40 betwwn us.

Not much exciting has happened yet as we are too busy nerding it up trying to learn the lingo. We went to the top of cerro san cristabel, which is the big hill with the statue of mary on it but due to the pollution we wernt able to see much at all. Were going to the coast this weekend for a look so there may be more to report next week.