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dorns’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Apr 2005

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapHello all

Our time in Santiago is drawing to a close. This weekend we are heading north to the top of chile and then in bolivia. Santiago is quite a friendly place as far as cities go. PADs or public displays of affection are not only socislly accepted, but are the norm. Every where you look there are people getting it on. The other day we were in a museum and a gruop of school kids were there passing away infront of the teacher, and the teacher wasnt fased at all.

The food has been pretty good so far. Its either quite sweet or salty, theres no inbetween. A favourate dish here is lomo al pobre, which is steak, hot chips, onion with two fried eggs on top. Having a little trouble ordering as some names are made up and are not in the dictionary. Theres a bit of close your eyes and point.

On saturday night Pish and I went out with George ( a german who has joined the class in the last week). His english is pretty good but not great. He is a very direct and will say exactly what he wants when he wants, but not always in the correct way. He told me that i am hard to understand because i swall letters when i talk. He told me that i should swallow beer and not letters and i would be a lot easier to understand. Anyway we went to watch closer at the movies. All the big movies here are in english with the spanish sub titles. We were a bit late so we walked in after it had started and george said at the top of his voice "this is a porno no". It was one of the worst movies that i have ever seen. The only saving grace for the movie was george saying things out loud every now and then.

After the movie had finished we went out to an area called bella vista. We had a few quites at a little pub with george saying lots more inapropriate things at the top of his voice. We then moved of to a disco ( or dance club in australia). We walked in to find a six foot disco ball in the shape of a well hung statue of david. All the people were very friendly and in no time at all were talking and dancing with a group of local. No one goes out here till around midnight so at 5am we made our way home. I was a very funny night. George went to sleep for two hours in the club and proceded to say over and over again that he is never going out with australian again. I think we broke him on this first weekend in Chile.

Not much else to report. will keep you updated as we get further into our journey.

Cheers for now