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dorns’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Jun 2005

Location: Villa Turani, Bolivia

MapHey everyone

Were still at Inti Wara Yassi. We are meant to be finishing work on wednesday and heading on but it looks like there may be some road blocks for a week or so, so we may be staying here a little longer. There are much worse places than this to be stuck.

As its a rain forest it rains every day. Due to this the trails are quite slippery and about a week ago i slipped over and hurt my knee, so i have moved to doing construction. This is quite good as i get to see a lot more of the animals but still get to go swimming with Leonsio when ever i want to. At the moment im building a chage for one of the pumas, beds for the spider monkeys and general maintenace for the park. They have had some dodgy people doing welding here because the vet asked if i was a profesional welder in australia. They could not belive how quick i was building the cage or what a good job i was doing.

The beds here are quite rough (the matresses are filled with straw) and we have no tv so im really looking forward to a sleepin in a hotel and watching a few movies. Ferrets in argentina at the moment so we are going to try and catch up with him soon.

Things here are so cheap. You can buy a bottle of rum for around $1.50 and most meals in a resteraunt cost areound $2 or a bit less. The room at the hostel cost $3 a night. Over all it pretty cheap. You also meet so many people. There are around 60 people at the park at the moment and there is always people coming and going.

chao for now