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dorns’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Mar 2008

Location: South Africa

MapHello everyone,
I hope all is well. For those of you that havent seen this page before it contains an account of my 2005 trip around south america. I went to try and set up a new page, but found my old one still working.

I arrived in Joburg on the 7th March. Arfter meeting an engish couple on the plane an being prepared for lengthy delays in the airport I was very supprised at the ease at which we got through immigration and customs. I then got ripped off by a porter who took me to the taxirank. He didnt even carry my bags and still charged me 50 rand, one night in a hostel costs 90, blame the jet lag. Then there was the taxi ride where I had to look up whee I was going in the UDB and guide that driver there. Not an easy thing when you are trying to read and are constantly worried about the crazy driving going on around you. I have never seen such crazy driving anywhere else like I have in south africa.

I arrived at the hostel just as one of the best electrical storms I have seen in years hit. I just relaxed for a couple of days in Joburg. Visiting the arpthaid museum, which was very good but very full on. There are a lot of scars to heal before SA becomes a settled country.

I then went on a four day safari to Kruger National park. Pretty cool but a lot of driving. I was saddle sore at the end of it. I saw quite a few animals, although some of them were a long way away.

It was the back to Joburg and my first attack of bed buggs. I have never been so itchy in my entire life. I got on really well with the staff at the hostel so I got some free acommidation and food out of it. Even a double bed one night.

Then had the first one of these guys doesnt belong here moments when I caught the bus to Durban. There were alot of funy looks, whats this white guy doing on this crppy bus. I had the heater blaring up from the floor and the air con from the roof. There were no vents on either. It started raining and water came in through the window seals, and to top it all off the woman beside me started vomiting. Fun trip.

Got in to Durban pretty late and my taxi driver, ablack woman named "pinky" gave me the run down on where to go abd where not to go. Then gave me her number and offered to drive me anywhere, anytime. I met up with two canadians from the hostel in Joburg. We got a lift to the beach with the hostel owner in his ute. There were two dogs, two bikes, three tourists and his son in the back of his ute crising downtown durban, pretty funny.

We hired a car and headed to Coffee Bay, via orbie george. It has the highest swing in the world (100m) crazy. Stayed in Coffe Bay for five days. There were some beautiful walks and cliff jumping. They seem to love jumping off things over here.

It was then into East London for two days of chilling in a hammock on a deck across from the beach. Now imin hogsback. A little village in the hills and hour and a half from east london. A couple of days of hiking then off to J bay and super tube.

Hope everyone is well