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dorns’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Apr 2008

Location: Hogsback, South Africa

MapHello everyone,

I hope you are all well. Im still in Hogsback, working in the backpackers. I had planned to move on but I got drunk with Andre ( the handyman) who is the south african version of Rastus, (it is scary how much they are alike) and Dan (the owner) who is a pom that was backpacking through eleven years ago and never left. I helped dan with his car and andre with a few things, got really hammered and got a job as a handyman. They had bought the property next door and converted it into six ensuite twins. The work was done by an african builder and is terrible. I have had to rip up all the slabs and re plum the showers. Re plaster and tile all the bathrooms, re run all the electrics with the help of a sparky who owes dan some money. Then paint and finish all the rooms. I have finished three and very nearly the fourth. I will put some before and after picture up soon. The scary thing is that I have never done most of this stuff before and dan said that he has had two builder in and my work is better that both of them. He has shown me all the stuff he wants me to do around the place for him. I think I should finish it by the time im fifty. Dont think Ill be around to do much more than the rooms. Too much to see and do.

It is heaps of fun to work here. Andre and I work on the house all day and run the bar at night. Long day with lots of drinking. Meeting heaps of fun people. Its a lot like the surf camp in portugal.

I hired two sweedish guys the other day to do some painting for me. They hired a beetle in capetown and decided that white is a very boring colour for a car. So they went to the paint shop and bought a tin of little girl pink house paint and two rollers, then proceeded to paint the car. They now get eveyone who wants to, to paint a pictre on their car. Its now covered in fairies and animals. They used the left over pink paint to paint our wheelburrows. Ihate painting and they love it so they seemed perfect for the job. Very funny guys, especially when high on paint fumes after a long day painting in poorly ventilated rooms.

Having a ball Dorns