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dorns’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Jun 2005

Location: Argentina

MapHey all,

We have made our way to Buenos Aires. Its very different being in argentina after bolivia. We finished up at the park a couple of weeks ago. Before we left villa tunari we went to a park that had some swings in the jungle. They had a 3, 12 and 18m swings. Its very reassuring when you go tosomething like that in a place like bolivia and they tell you that they designed everything by themselves without the help of an architect. You start having second thoughts half way up the 18m ladder. Its was great fun though and i put a photo of the 18m platform on to.

We then headed to santa cruz for a couple of days and organised a bus ticket to salta, argentina. Heres a tip for all you punters heading to south america: dont buy cross border bus tickets. They promise things that they cant deliver. Needless to say a 16hr trip took 30hrs and there was a lot of sitting around.

We spent a couple of days in salta and the headed to mendosa to watch the under 21 rugby world cup finals. We watched the ozzies beat france in the semi final and go down to south africa in the final. The boys were just out played on they day. They were like rock stars over here. They had groupies hanging outside their hotel and everyone was asking them for autographs.

This south american culture is very bad for your health. You dont go out till between 1 and 3am and generally not home till 6 or 7 am. This happens every day of the week. I dont know how anyone gets any work done around here. I guess thats why all the shops shut for so long in the middle of the day.

Hope everyone it well.