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dorns’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 May 2008

Location: HOGSBACK, South Africa

MapHey everyone, Im still in hogsback having a ball. Last week Andre and I flew down to capetown to pick up the new mini bus for the hostel. We had finished four of the six rooms we are doing up. It was late on the sunday afternoon and I was doing the finishing touches to the rooms, putting in mirrors and souch to make the rooms complete. All was going well till the last room when I drilled straight into a water pipe. It was almost enough to make a grown man cry. I stood there with my finger in the hole calling it everything under the sun. I then had to run 100m to turn the water main off, chisel out the concrete, put a joiner in and re-plaster the wall. At 8pm the job was done and I was exhausted.

We caught the shuttle to east london to catch our flight to capetown. After a very hectic month in the bar we were ready for a couple of day detox. Over here if you work in a backpacker then you stay in others for free and get staff price drinks. Andres sister picked us up and drove us to stellenbosch where we were going to get the bus. We walked into the stumble inn backpacker from whom we where buying the bus off, having R40000 cash in my backpack, and we were imediately greeted with Jager bombs. So much for detox.

We had a couple of days in stellenbosch, moving from coffee shop to coffee shop and touring the local vineyards. It is abeautiful area, and Andre knows everyone in stellenbosch. He used to own a resterant there. Good times.

Finally the bus was ready to go. Its a litttle diesel mini bus (19 seats). It looks a lot like a two slice toaster. It has been converted to run on old deep fryer oil from fast food shops. Funnily enough the conversion was done by an antique dealer and not a mechanic. TIA (this is africa). What could possibly go wrong. I think we were half an hour into the trip when things started to go wrong. There was heaps of air in the fuel lines and we couldnt get it out. It was raining and a public holiday so nothing was open and we had no tools. We bought a screw driver from acaravan park for R110, and fiddled a bit. Eventually got going and made it about two hours down the road and ran out of fuel. Awsome. Ten at night in a small town called swellendam. We were in a dark backstreet and andre had to run a get some fuel while I watched the bus. Being in the dark all by yourself is not highly recommended. It was a long 15 minutes waiting for andre to get back. We were still having fuel problems as we pulled into the backpacker. We had to wait till 4pm the next day for the guy who did the conversion to come and fix the bus. All good and off again. We made it to buffalo bay that night. The next day a eight hour drive back to hogsback witha a stoip in jbay for lunch. The bio bang bus was finally at its new home.

I have a couple more weeks here while I finish the rooms and manager the hostel while the owner go on holidays then the travells begin.

Hopoe all is well.