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dorns’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Jun 2005

Location: Argentina

Maphey all,

Had a big day of sight seeing in BA yesterday. We started by going to the cemetry where all the rich and famous people are buried. It was amazing, there were no traditional graves as we have in australia with the small head stones. Each grave had its own small building, so it made a minature town with streets connecting it all up. It was massive and some of the graves were very impressive.

We then moved on to the national art gallery. There were so many works from so many artists including (excuse my spelling but you should get the idea) picaso, vangough and mone. To things i recommend seing on a trip to BA.

The high light of the day was a soccer game between river which is a local team and san paulo which is a brazilian team. It was a semi final of some south american cup. We arrived at 9:45pm just as the teams were running onto the field. I dont know how many people they jammed into the stadium but it was standing room only. Ill have a wild guess at 70000 people. We walked in and the noise was almost too much. The entire stadium deside about 200 people were supporting river. They were all jumping up and down on the spot and singing the teams war cries. There were hundreds of flares burning and fireworks going off everywhere. It was amasing. I have never watched a full game of soccer in my life but half way through this game i could have been mistaken for a life long supporter of this club. Yelling at the ref and cheering at good plays. In an atmosphere like that you cant help your self. Everything was going great till about ten minutes from time and san paulo was up 3-1. The small group of brazilian supporter were sitting on the next teer above us and they started throwing blocks of concrete and sticks in our direction. People started to run for cover and the blocks continued to be thrown back and forth. These were cricket ball sized blocks so they really could have done some damage. When the local started to leave we thought it would be a good time to go as well. River scored another goal as we were leaving but i still dont know what the final score was. Amazing experience though. We found out after the game that at the local derby between river and boca that the fans take guns and shoot each other. I think we will stay away from that game if its on.

till next time